8 DISNEYLAND PARIS TIPS FOR FIRST TIME VISITORS | common made first visit mistakes | tips & tricks

  • Uploaded on 4 Mei 2018

    What to wear to Disneyland Paris? How to make restaurant reservations? In this DLP video we give you tips & tricks to avoid common mistakes visitors of Disneyland Paris make. First timer mistakes in Disneyland Paris, first visit mistakes Disneyland Paris and also common made first visit DLP mistakes.

    We cover the following subjects:
    Thinking DLP is small; don’t fall into the trap of thinking Disneyland Paris is a tiny park. It’s smaller than Disney World, but there are two Parks (The Disneyland Park and Disney Studios) which cover a huge piece of land and you’ll do it all by foot. You’ll need a lot of time to see it all and experience the rides. Take your time and stay a few days!

    Underestimating the weather in Disneyland Paris; the weather in Disneyland Paris is unpredictable. Check the weather report before you pack and be prepared for everything. Bring a foldable umbrella, a good quality poncho and during wintertime: thick scarf and gloves. Wear layers, because when it’s warm you can take something off.

    Making no reservations Disneyland Paris; when it’s not so busy in the park you are in luck, because you might find a spot in a nice restaurant after all. But most of the times you’ll end up at counter service restaurants which are less of an experience and have basic menu options. That’s why making reservations is very important. You can call the disneyland paris dinner reservation number at +33 (0) 1 60 30 40 50 and you can make your reservation up to two months in advance.

    Leaving your stroller at home or Not renting a stroller at Disneyland Paris: are your kids a bit to big for a stroller and can they walk on their own? Despite this, you’ll probably gonna need to rent a stroller. Kids get tired very quick from all the walking and they wanna be able to rest. If they don’t, than a stroller comes in handy to use as a cart to put all of your stuff in. Renting a stroller in Disneyland Paris costs 20 euro per day. If you want to be able to park-hop with the stroller, than you’ll need to pay a 50 euro deposit. You will get it back when you return the stroller.

    Go without the Disneyland Paris app; you can’t live without the app of EuroDisney! You’ll need it for so many things, like getting up-to-date information about wait times, toilet locations, character meet and greets and so much more.

    “Saving” on the Photopass; buying a Photopass+ will cost you 70 euro, but you’ll get so much in return! All your ride-photo’s are stored on the Photopass and you can have professional photo’s taken from you (and your whole family) and the characters. There’s also a photo opportunity in front of the Disneyland Paris castle. With the Photopass you’ll buy off all of the photo’s made in Disneyland Paris, but if you don’t have a Photopass, then one photo will cost you around 20 euro’s each!

    Only bring your debit card; in Disneyland Paris not everything can be purchased with a VISA card of Debit card. Some things can only be bought in cash. For instance: some carts only take cash and also tips in restaurants can only be given to the waiter in real money. You can not put in on the bill. And what about MOUSEKEEPING? In your hotelroom you might want to give the housekeeping some money to let them know you appreciate them cleaning your room. You’re gonna need cash for this too.

    The number one mistake first timers make is wearing the wrong shoes. Shoes are everything when you’re walking several kilometers a few days in a row. Don’t wear flip-flops to disneyland paris or other shoes that might going to hurt your feet. Wear shoes that you trust or otherwise buy yourself new ones (an few weeks ahead) and wear the shoes a few times so they can stretch and fit your feet perfectly.

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