Star Wars: Treasure of the Lost Jedi (Fan Film)

  • Uploaded on 1 Jun 2016

    "Treasure hunter Eira Oldassi and her trusted bucket-of-bolts T5-88 are on a search for hidden artifacts of a lost Jedi Temple. Now, with the final (stolen) pieces sliding into place, and their enemies hot on their tails, they are finally on the last leg of their journey…And the most dangerous one."


    Director, Writer, Editor, and VFX Artist
    Ivan Moutinho

    Producer and Production Designer
    Rachel Liu

    Director of Photography
    Jason Merrin

    First Assistant Director
    Michael Kraus

    Story By
    Ivan Moutinho
    Jason Merrin
    Rachel Liu

    Make Up Artist
    Jenai Chin

    Droid Costume
    Julia Lenna Doi

    Sound Department
    Jessica Appelbaum

    First Assistant Camera
    Daniel Fischer


    Amanda Villanova
    Eira Oldassi

    Ryan Nicolls
    T5-88 (voice)

    AJ Forest
    T5-88 (body)

    Atalanta Siegel
    Alkir Jes

    Yamil Eduardo Ruiz
    Ion Meev

    Special Thanks to the 501st Legion Empire City Garrison and the acting Stormtroopers
    Gerrit Overeem
    Anthony Paladino
    Bob DeSimone

    A Binary Sun Production in collaboration with Hyperbolic Media

    Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, unofficial fan film that is not intended for commercial use. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm and Disney. This fan film was created for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016.

    Channel BinarySunProductions



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